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Sharing non-stop Rock and Pop music, Radio Live7 boasts a very long list of "good objectives for the future"... 

The Top Tour of 2013 Depeche Mode
Total Attendance: 1,390,141 | Total Capacity: 1,400,298 | No. of Shows: 54 | No. of Sellouts: 51

  • The musical content is concentrated in the music Pop Rock, Electro-pop and new talents.
  • Present time of the concerts, festivals, calendar of the concerts, news, top albums, search service in the tickets online and much more...
Live 7 is a site interactive with news about concerts and festivals, and aims to promote, to publish artists, music, new talents, informations about the universe of the music in general.
The best of U2
» » Songs Of Innocence [2 CD][Deluxe Edition] || MP3 U2: U2 Albums

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